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After selling over 5 million albums worldwide, headlining Glastonbury and touring with Muse, U2 and Rammstein (to name but a few) – Skunk Anansie decided to explore different individual interests. 2010 sees Skunk Anansie regrouped and firing on all cylinders; Skin, Cass, Ace and Mark are ready to unleash a modern rock masterpiece on 13th September 2010.

Broken down on a track-by-track basis, Wonderlustre makes listening an adventure as it takes you on a rollercoaster of moods but somehow manages to remain a whole work and maintain a skunked identity throughout.

Highlights are opener God Loves Only You which sets the precedent for a luscious tuneful weight but at the same time is made delicate by Skin's noticeably more breath-y and deeper vocal stylings; then we are thrown straight into the infectiously acidic guitar riff at the start of lead single My Ugly Boy which is truly one of the most lyrically perfect songs ever written as you hear Skin confidently blast “my ugly boy/my sweetest toy” across the airwaves and resonate throughout the track, like a buzzing neon sign or glowing lights of sped up traffic as it pulses through a room.

On a mellower note, Talk Too Much and You Saved Me are energetically down-tempo as they lull through their incredibly addictive melodies and are pleadingly held together again with beautifully melancholic chord progressions and Skin's smoky vocals kicking in to reveal two positively standout tracks.

Other favourites include mid-tempo pop rock confection The Sweetest Thing, the dark and sensual My Love Will Fall and hook-healthy puncher Feeling The Itch. But the most important thing to understand about this album as a whole is that it is a recorded representation of a band changing and yet somehow still retaining the relevance it once had, ultimately sweeping them into the world of contemporary rock of all kinds.

Says Skin of making Wonderlustre,

“We have a brand new vibe on this album, it came to us very naturally and for the first time ever all the beauty came out of jamming together, keeping the chemistry and circle of energy rock solid and understanding instinctively what works and what was utter tosh!”

Wonderlustre is out in the UK on 13 September 2010.

The album release will be accompanied by a full-fledged and already sold out O2 Academy tour up and down Britain in November.

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